Living History

What is ‘Living History’?

If we were to live through a very dangerous and tumultuous event in our lives, saw the destruction, buried the dead, paid the cost firsthand, actually been a part of the terrible event, it would be a part of us too and we would never get the look of it, the smell of it, the sound of it and the cost of it out of our minds. We would always be alert to any evidence of anything even similar coming at us again. We would be sensitized to identify the evil as soon as it step foot on the playing field of our lives. And we would be ready with preemptive measure to stop it dead in it’s tracks, rather than allow our families to go through the same horrors over again.

‘Living History’, through military battle reenactment and dramas, is a very powerful tool which gives us a first hand look at what it was like to stand on one’s front porch or local farm field, and hear the guns roar and watch a battle rage down the street or even in our yard. It gives us a taste of the experience without the real costs of blood and sacrifice to us, but it sure can put our emotions and our minds out there upon the battlefield to fight the battle with our great warrior heroes!

Living History is a tool to teach our emotions and condition senses, in us and our children, to always stand alert and aware of current events as they unfold and whenever they seem to be heading toward tyranny or slavery. We must jump to our feet and shout, “Never again! The cost is too great!”

We must never forget our history or we shall be doomed to repeat it!

Living History Events of Freedom Fest 13

13th NY Cavalry
WWII Reenactment > 3rd Rifle Division Headquarter Encampment
Revolutionary War Reenactment
Uncle Sam, Speaker
Living History Association
Charles Swan, Buffalo Soldier
Sergeant Traven, of the New York Volunteers, a Living History portrayal
Emerson Martin, Display of artifacts related to Mohican Indians of the Hudson Valley, with question and answer period